Working Together Since 2010


The mission of the citizen-led Boise Forest Coalition is to provide the Boise National Forest with management recommendations that:

  1. Are developed through consensus decisions involving all members of the Coalition;
  2. Address natural resource, economic, recreational, and societal needs;
  3. Are compatible with Forest Plan direction including implementation of the Forest's Wildlife and Aquatic Conservation Strategies;
  4. Are economically realistic;
  5. Promote future collaboration during implementation and monitoring.


  • Restore forest and ecological health
  • Reduce forest fuel hazards
  • Create economic opportunities
  • Produce forest products
  • Protect designated Idaho roadless areas
  • Enhance bull trout habitat and connectivity
  • Maintain and enhance fish and wildlife habitat
  • Provide a variety of trail-related recreational pursuits
  • Improve management of recreational uses to better address impacts on natural resources
  • Provide dispersed camping and wildlife-related opportunities
  • Coordinate with adjacent landowners in accomplishing objectives


Coalition News


June BFC Meeting Cancelled

Jun 2, 2020

There will be no June BFC meeting next week. Please keep an eye out for an update regarding the July meeting time and agenda. Thank you!