Our Meetings:
The Coalition normally meets on the first Thursday of each month. Location varies due to various project locations. Please refer to Upcoming Events to learn about the next meeting.


Participation in the Boise Forest Coalition will change as project areas change.

Participation in the BFC will vary based upon the interests of the individual. The following levels of participation exist.

Steering Committee

The roles of Steering Committee are:

  • To manage the composition, recruitment, and retention of Coalition members, ensuring that stakeholders and interested parties are invited and represented.
  • To establish Coalition direction and processes that promote participation, dialogue, understanding, and agreement.
  • To manage Coalition information to provide accessibility to interested parties.
  • To maintain cooperative relationships with the US Forest Service and other land management agencies that (a) honor the Coalition's independence in developing recommendations; (b) recognize the Coalition's need for access to agency resource information and personnel; and (c) respect agency limitations based upon funding, workloads, and legal requirements.
  • To demonstrate personal behavior that encourages full participation, respectful communication, and consensus decision-making to resolve conflicts.

Steering Committee Current Members

Art Beal Squaw Creek Soil Conservation District
John Roberts Boise County
Jonathan Oppenheimer Idaho Conservation League
Morris Huffman Private Citizen
Rachel Vandenburg Boise Cascade

Coalition Members

Coalition members are individuals or representatives of organizations who

  • Participate in efforts to develop management recommendations and reach consensus-based decisions.
  • Promote consensus-based decisions, and
  • Commit to the Coalition's mission.
  • In order to be considered a voting member of the coalition, participants must have a continued, ongoing presence at coalition meetings and field trips. Once a participant has attended three meetings he is granted membership. Members are expected to attend 50% of the meeting, or send an alternate, to be allowed to vote on consensus decisions.

Current Members of the Coalition

Interested Parties

Interested parties are participants who are interested in the project area's management and/or the Coalition's activities but generally do not become involved in the recommendation development or consensus building processes. Interested parties often do not attend meetings and field trips but are kept informed of Coalition activities through email messages.


Advisors are personnel from state or federal agencies who assist the Coalition by sharing their knowledge of natural resource conditions. Boise National Forest employees provide information on federal requirements and regulations.

Advisors/consultants do not participate in consensus assessments nor in advocating for recommendations.

Facilitation and Recording

Provided through Southwest Resource Conservation and Development Inc.